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Air Conditioning Installation are Repair Service in Portsmouth

Are you sitting in your home or office and sweating? Why? There are a number of affordable options in air conditioning installation to help the situation. AC has become much more efficient in the last few years, giving the people of Portsmouth a better return on investment and a more environmentally friendly option.

Coastal Heating & Cooling Specialists will quickly and efficiently install the unit and ductwork while keeping a close eye on your proposed budget.

Commercial and Residential AC Installation

As a licensed installer of central air conditioners for many years, Coastal Heating & Cooling Specialists has faced every problem under the sun. Our technicians are expert system designers and troubleshooters that enjoy any opportunity to put all of their problem-solving skills to use. Whether it is for the businesses or homeowners of Portsmouth, our team will walk them through their options so that they know that they have made the perfect choice for their needs.

AC Repair Service

Air conditioners are built to last quite a while, but even the best machines require tune ups, maintenance and repairs overtime. It is important to have the unit checked regularly as AC units most often breakdown when they are being used on very hot days. However, you will not be the only one in Portsmouth with that issue. On hot days, many air conditioners will need a professional to bring it back to working order. This means that repair specialists will be in short supply. So, it is best if you have your unit checked before we experience the hottest days of the year.

Signs Your AC Needs Repairs:

Here are a few signs to look out for that indicate you should contact a professional air conditioning repair service:

Moisture: Leaks, small puddles or significant condensation are a sign of a problem with the refrigerant or the drain tube. Refrigerant is toxic to humans and having a leak in your system will compromise the health of your family or employees. Thus, it is always best to take moisture issues very seriously.

Strange noises: There are lots of moving parts within an AC unit. Normally they should all work together rather quietly. Grating, squealing or grinding noises are an indication that some part is out of sorts. Often this does not involve an expensive repair since often it’s a belt that needs replacing or some part requires lubrication. However, it could be an issue with the motor so it is best to arrange an inspection quickly.

Odd smells: Are you noticing weird smells coming from your unit or the air ducts? If the smell is musty then the issue is probably one of mold, which is a serious health concern. Other smells can come from the unit itself and means that something internal to the system is not working as it should.

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